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Asbjørn Kolberg


  • "Five Days in Ypres" - a "memory site" for participants in the Comenius course "War and Peace in Literature for Young Readers" 2000

Senior Lecturer in the Norwegian language department of the Faculty of Teacher Education. Subjects: Nordic, mainly Norwegian, literature. Basics of children's language development and reading and writing methodology.

International coordinator of the Faculty of Teacher Education. See International page

E-mail: asbjorn.kolberg

Faculty of Teacher Education

In 1994 Levanger College (Teacher Training and Engineering) was merged with other colleges in our county to become Nord-Trøndelag University College. The University College has five faculties on four campuses situated in the towns of Namsos, Steinkjer, Levanger and Stjørdal in Nord-Tøndelag County, Norway. The Faculty of Teacher Education is on Røstad campus in Levanger, just outside the town centre. At the same campus we also find the Faculty of Health Science and the Faculty of Economics, Organisation and Leadership.

In all modesty we claim Røstad to be the most beautiful campus east of California (as former Secretary of Education Gudmund Hernes put it in a speech a few years ago). See pictures below.


Bird's eye view of the campus area

The old Teacher Training College , Kirkegt. 1 (1900 - 1999)

Røstad (The old main building, built 1903)

The new main building at Røstad (1999)

The administration building at Røstad

Where is Levanger?


You find this small town 80 km north-east of Trondheim, just off the E 6. If you are tired of driving behind endless lines of Dutch and German campers on their way to the North Cape, I recommend a short rest in our friendly town.

This map gives you an idea of where we are in relation to the rest of Europe. For further information about Levanger, click here .

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"A bad workman blames his tool"


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Our Estonian connection

The first general agreement between Tallinn Pedagogical University and Levanger College of Education was signed in 1990. During the period 1990-93 contacts were established in the areas of music, art, physical education and Nordic languages. In May 1996 a renewed agreement was signed by rector Mait Arvisto, Tallinn University of Educational Sciences, and rector Asbjørn Folkvord, Nord-Trøndelag University College. This general agreement is meant to be a basis for the exchange of staff members and students and common research and developmental projects.

A first practical realisation of the agreement was undertaken in March 1997 when a lecturer from the Faculty of Physical Education in Tallinn visited Levanger. While here he gave lectures and also took part in methodological practice within the field of physical education. At the same time we received four students from Tallinn who studied classroom practice and took part in lectures within their respective disciplines: art, music and Scandinavian languages. This was an initial step of a planned student exchange programme, and it was followed up in 1998 with a group of four students and two teachers from Levanger who went to Tallinn in March to carry out a practice project there.

We have received financial support for this project from a scholarship programme funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Norwegian Council of Universities and The Research Council of Norway: COLLABORATION WITHIN HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH BETWEEN NORWAY AND CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE 1997-2001.

The first realisation of the cooperative agreement between our college and Tallinn University of Educational Sciences was administered by the so-called Tallinn-committee appointed by the college council in 1994: Leiv Ramfjord, Music Department, Aslak Tennes, Art Department, Nils Vikander, Physical Education Department and Asbjørn Kolberg, Norwegian Department. Of great assistance to us has been Kai-Reet Tennes who acted as translator and consultant for the committee.

The General Agreement


Four students and two teachers from Levanger were in Tallinn in March to study the educational system and the teacher training in Estonia. The group met students and colleagues at Tallinn University of Educational Sciences and also visited schools in Tallinn.

The students are 3rd year teacher students who specialize in different fields:

They were accompanied by two teachers:
Here you can read more about the study visit: 

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